Used Trucks Colorado SpringsUsed Trucks Colorado Springs is a Great Decision

When you are out for buying a new vehicle, you will have a million decisions to make, one of them being whether to buy a new or a used truck. We here at Suss Superstore help you choose the truck of your dreams from our huge inventory at a highly affordable price. We have been in the automotive industry for over four decades, with experienced, world class staff and best after sales services to ensure peace of mind for you. If you are looking for a used truck, then you are at the right place as we offer a wide variety of brands ranging from Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Nissan and much more, making the whole buying process simple and seamless. Let us take a better look at all the advantages which come with buying a used truck.

Better Pricing than New

The best part of buying a used truck comes in form of amazing pricing, which helps you to get a premium truck at a highly affordable price. The down payment for these vehicles is comparatively low and the buyers can opt for easy monthly installments for better money management. The average value of these trucks is around 40% to 45% less as compared to new ones without compromising on performance and quality. Buying a used truck is one of the smartest step you can take for a better and promising future.

Easy Credit Approval

We at Suss Superstore understand the importance of our customers and the value of their dreams. We provide thirty second credit pre-approvals for all buyers, and you need not have any security number or DOB for it, so it won’t ding your credit. Even buyers with bad credit scores can take advantage of our amazing financing programs. The loans often come with low interest rates and can be paid back using a wide variety of options to suit your financial needs.

Huge Inventory

Suss Superstore is one of the biggest automotive dealership stores in Colorado Springs, offering a wide range of vehicles. If you are looking for a used truck, then you can take a look at our huge inventory with over 200 vehicles. Most of these vehicles come with manufacturer's warranty and are low on miles, making them as good as new. You can even go for our customized trucks and the ones which are modified to suit the needs of the customers. All these trucks are thoroughly inspected and tested for various safety and mechanical features to ensure premium quality. We have contacts with twenty other stores to bring you the vehicles of your dreams and without compromising on quality and performance.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Depreciation

The used trucks are immune to depreciation as these trucks are in high demand and perform well even after years of use. An average new truck loses about 30%-40% of its value during first two years while a used truck more or less can be sold for the same price tag for which it was bought. These all factors will help all buyers to save money in the long run without risking their investment and time. On the other hand, as soon as a new truck hits the road, its value drops down and the owner has to take the first depreciation hit dropping the value of the vehicle by 22%. Hence, buying a used truck is one of the smartest moves, which will help you saving a fortune.

Why Prefer Us?

There are a million reasons which make Suss Superstore stand out of the crowd. First of all we aim at satisfying all our customers with our unparalleled customer support and on site after sales support. We offer our clients guaranteed pre-approval, helping them to strive forward to achieve their dream truck. Another advantage that you get while shopping with us, is to choose from our huge inventory, and getting easy extended warranties and on site registrations. We never charge the dealership or broker fee from our customers, which can be as high as $1700. We have earned an A+ better business rating making us the most prestigious store in Colorado Springs, offering the lowest price on all used trucks.
So, if you are planning to buy a used truck, which is full of high end features, and comes with optimum luxury, then Suss Superstore is the perfect destination for all your used truck needs.

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