Should You Buy A New Or Used Car, Truck or SUV In Colorado Springs?

The Colorado Springs automobile industry is growing rapidly and is among one of the largest in the USA with an annual production of 3.6 million cars as per the reports submitted by United States equity foundation. It is clearly evident from these figures that the Colorado Springs auto market is seeing its fair share of hustle and bustle. Many car enthusiasts are heading towards the market to buy a car but they all often face a dilemma of making a choice between a brand new and a used car. 

Most of us stick to the idea of buying a brand new car while some of us wish to invest our hard earned money in the used car market. While one may think that the feeling of driving a brand new car with all the new high end features along with a strong engine is undeniable, it always makes more sense financially as well as economically to buy a used car. With the presence of quality stops like Suss Superstore in the area, it always makes more sense to choose from over 100’s of certified used cars and trucks which would take your driving experience to new heights. To clear all your fears and doubts related to your car purchase, we bring you a detailed list of all the drawbacks and benefits of buying a used car and a brand new car. 

Pros and Cons of Buying A New Car 

Buying a new car always comes with a sense of security and peace of mind for the user. The sound of the new engine along with all the new gadgets makes it a tempting choice of many car buyers. Let us take a closer look at all the benefits and drawbacks of buying a brand new car : 

Low Maintenance : 

A brand new car will require minimum amount of maintenance and fewer visits to service centres as compared to a used car. All the parts which are prone to wear and tear like the brakes, tires, clutch or the oil will need replacement only after you have driven a few thousand miles. In short, you will end up spending only a marginal amount of money in your first year of ownership. 

Peace Of Mind : 

A new car gives its user a peace of mind as it comes with road side assistance as well as bumper to bumper warranty from the car manufacturer. In case of any problem or accident, the dealership and the company will be held responsible for making up for the damage. The warranty often extends up to five years which means the user can easily rely on the manufacturer for all the service related problems. 

New Technology : 

With a new car comes a whole new set of technological advancements. These cars come with all the latest gadgets and new high end features which are sure to make your driving experience comfortable and full of fun. The used cars lack all these cool features and often comes with the old basic set of gadgets for day to day use. 

The Down Side : 

While the idea of buying a new car may sound exciting, but one can never ignore the negatives related to it. Let us see a few drawbacks of buying a new car :

High Price : 

The amount of money you pay to buy a new car is almost four to five times higher than what you would have paid while buying a used car. The shiny new paint and the robust engine may sound nice at first but the cost that comes with it will surely put a huge hole in your pockets.

Depreciation : 

Brand new cars are more prone to depreciation as compared to the used cars. Most of the high end models lose their 35% to 40% of the value within first two years which drastically reduces the resale value of the car. 

Why Should You Invest In A Used Car? 

Frequent model updates along with tons of new product launches have lead to a large number of used cars in the Colorado Springs automotive industry. The constantly rising demands have lead to higher product quality that will offer the users with incredible value for their hard earned money. 

More Value For Money : 

If you are looking to buy a high end sedan but can’t really afford one, then buying a late model used car is the best match for all your needs. A person who has a limited budget for a brand new car can often choose a car which is better, bigger and two segments higher in the used car industry. Suss Superstore sells late model used cars, trucks and SUV's under book value so you always end up with a vehilcle worth more than you paid for it.

Inspected And Certified Used Cars, Trucks and SUV's 

All the used cars undergo thorough inspection by the seller which makes them as good as a new car. All the certified tests and various endurance tests are performed on the car so that the user gets maximum benefit and low cost of maintenance in the long run. You can find a huge selecton of certified used cars, trucks and SUV in Colorado Springs here.

Warranty :

Suss Superstore carries 100's of late model cars, trucks and SUV's still under the original manufacturer’s warranty that can be transferred to your name which will provide you with bumper to bumper cover. So that the user can get peace of mind after making the purchase. 

The Cons Of Buying A Used Car : 

The negatives that come with buying a used car are far less as compared to the new ones. All one can expect to compromise with is its design and features you can choose from when buying new but you can always add them later. Apart from that, a used car is as good as a new car in terms of performance and efficiency at a much lower price. 

So, whether your old car is really old or the new one has just worn out, you can’t afford to miss the super deals provided on used cars, trucks and SUV's by Suss Superstore in Colorado Springs. Walk in to their state of art showroom today and get the best deals on all your dream vehicles with help of their extremely talented and courteous staff.