Best Full Size Pickup Truck under $40,000 in Colorado SpringsBest Full Size Pickup Truck in Colorado Springs

If you want to spend your hard earned $40,000 to buy a pickup truck then you have come to the right place. Though various pickup trucks can be purchased in this range, but to buy the best, it is your right to get some information about some of the best full size pickup trucks under $40,000 in Colorado Springs. The information provided in this write-up will help you get to know about their features, price and utility of these pickup trucks from different brands, available within your range.

Ram 1500: highly economical hauler in Colorado Springs

The Ram 1500 really looks like a truck that offers a lot value for the money spent on it. Its significant economical fuel consumption makes it one of the best pickup trucks. It is available with a 3.0 EcoDiesel engine as well as a 3.6 V6 gasoline engine from which you can chose to haul heavy or light loads for extended periods of time. Eight speed, smooth shifting and excellent automatic transmissions are the other features of Ram. Uconnect infotainment, backup camera, skid plates, "anti-spin" rear differential, air suspension, tow hooks, and 3.6 Pentastar V6 are the right specifications of this 4WD pickup truck with Quad Cab/6'4" Box available for $36,390.

Chevrolet Silverado: Overall best pickup truck Colorado Springs

Chevrolet Silverado is on this list for its solid ergonomics, smooth ride and simple but longer lasting styling than the other full size pickup trucks available in this category, due to its excellent ratio of efficiency and capability and cheaper features. This is the only 4WD pickup that has an extended cab with a V8 engine which can be used for trailering packages and navigation in this budget. The towing potential of this truck with automatically locking rear differential is 9,500 pounds which is not available in the budgetary vehicles of this kind from other brands. Other features of this LT 4WD pickup truck with standard or double cab, include trailering package, navigation and an option of the 5.3 V8 engine at the price of just above $39,000.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck Colorado Springs

It can tow twice than its own mass on its trailer hitch and carry the weight equivalent to the Ford Fiesta in its bed. Massaging seats, 360-degree maneuvering cameras, Heavy Duty Payload or Max Trailering Package and the 3.5 Eco Boost engine are the other important features of this 4WD pickup truck with Long Box or SuperCab cabin. Most budgetary people like to buy it for nearly $39,000 because it can haul 2,500 pounds more load than the V8 Silverado from Chevrolet.

Nissan Titan Pickup Truck Colorado Springs

On-par towing maximum load, higher payload rating, decent power and reasonable price are some of the features which enabled this pickup truck to stand in this list of under $40,000 pickup trucks. Nissan has tried to remove all the Tundra-like problems in its previous models to introduce it in this range. Its 2WD version can tow away over 2000 pounds payload. But the poor fuel-economy is one of the drawbacks in this vehicle that have to be improved to attract more buyers to it. They are looking to introduce Titan’s completely renovated version in about a year.

Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck Colorado Springs

It is liked by people for its massive torque at low RPM, ultra-light steering and 5.7 V8 optional engine. Its 5.7-liter V8 engine allows it to tow almost 10,000 pounds. But it consumes gas more aggressively and sensibly so. Toyota will have to improve its interior if it wants to compete with the pickup trucks of other brands within the range of $40,000. The rough stuff used in its interior warms up the truck like an oven. Still it is a good option when you want a truck with similar specifications.

GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Colorado Springs

GMC Sierra has all the features which you have loved to see in Chevrolet Silverado like splendid face, nice interior and all other options upgraded. It is a great pleasure to drive a good looking truck like this which is equivalent to the Silverado from Chevrolet.
After reading the reviews provided in this write-up, you now have more information to buy the Best full size pickup truck under $40,000 in Colorado Springs, to suit your needs.

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