Certified Used Car and Trucks Buying Tips for Pueblo and Colorado Springs 

Certified Used Cars and Trucks Pueblo and Colorado Springs
The reasons why we choose to buy a used car or truck are the lower purchase price, lower insurance costs and where applicable lower property taxes. Suss Superstore serving Pueblo and Colorado Springs prides itself in carrying a massive inventory of every imaginable late model certified used cars and trucks still under factory warranty plus come with a comprehensive background history report by Auto Check. This empowers you to save $1000’s over purchasing new while receiving a thoroughly evaluated used car or truck still under factory warranty. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it to? Check our massive inventory of certified used cars and trucks here 

This article will give you some information to help you look out for used vehicle that you deserve. To minimize the risk of exposure that comes with buying a used car, you need to take several precautionary steps before you start shopping for a used car.

Below are some of tips to help you purchase a used car or truck in Pueblo and Colorado Springs

. Go for used vehicles that still have a portion of manufacturer's warranty

Most of the latest model used vehicles have at least 3 years or 36,000 miles’ basic warranty coverage with engine and transmission having longer powertrain coverage. That means you'll have at least 1 year of peace of mind when you purchase a used car that is less than 3 years old. Remember to ask if the used vehicle warranty is fully transferable.

. Make sure to check into CPO (certified pre-owned) cars

These are used cars and trucks with less than 50,000 miles and have received multi-point inspections - check if there is any required service or the upkeep to be done before the used vehicle is sold. CPO programs are usually backed by the auto manufacturers such as GM, Ford and Volvo among others. These vehicles mostly have free extended warranty on various parts such as transmission and engine. CPO used vehicles have clean records and well-maintained.

. Do a thorough "background check" on the used car or truck you're considering to buy

Pay much attention on used cars that have unusual records involving recalls or consumer complaints. Look for more information about the recalls and other safety-related defects by checking on NHTSA website and about consumer satisfaction at the JD Power and Associates. Consumer Reports is also a great place for you to poke around. You go further and do a simple search on Google or Yahoo.

. Screen your candidate - The used car or truck that you have identified

If you have chosen a make/model that is known for its quality and reliability, you should still have the car evaluated for you own piece of mind. Use an independent third party mechanic to inspect the condition of the used car before buying it. 

. Request for the used vehicle's service records

If these records are available, then this is a good sign that the car is well-maintained, but more importantly check these records for any usual problems or repairs. If these record are available, it can give you additional insight of the cars history. Remember if the records are not available it doesn't necessarily mean there are any issues but it is nice if they are available. Service records are strong point of evidence to show proper upkeep of the vehicle. 

. Ensure that the car or truck passes state safety and emission tests

This is an important requirement in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Therefore, do not overlook it. This can cost a few hundred dollars to repair the used vehicle that fails this requirement. That means, it will be difficult to legally register or even drive the car, unless it has passed the test.

. Finally, use the car VIN - Vehicle Identification Number to check its history

VIN can be located on the car's stamped plate on the vehicle's dashboard. Run an Auto Check history report to find information that help you make that final decision. Report includes title problems, service history, accidents and ownership. The history report is free on every car and truck at Suss Superstore. This is an important step and we do not want the cost to stop you from having this important report.

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