Best Used Car Colorado Springs

The market for used cars is increasing at an alarming rate, and just in case you are wondering whether to buy a used car or go for a new one, then you are at the right place. Suss Superstore has a huge inventory of used cars ranging from a hatchback to premium SUVs, which will surely fulfill all your needs. Two or three year old vehicles are the best buys as their price is far lower than new, and usually the warranty period on these vehicles can be transferred to new buyer without any road blocks. Let us take a closer look at all the advantages that come along with buying a used car.

The Reliability of Used Cars is Still High

One of the top reason to buy a used car is its reliability, which can be judged through consumer car reports. All the cars in our inventory go through a cycle of mechanical testing and thorough inspection, which ensures premium quality and peace of mind for you. Years ago factors like rust and corrosion were common in used cars, but due to the advancement in technology and redesigning of vehicles, buyers can be assured of getting the best grade materials which last up to fifteen to twenty years. All these factors, combined with our dedicated customer support team, makes these vehicles reliable and the top choice of all buyers.

Repairs and Warranties

All of our used cars come with extended warranties on purchase, which include bumper to bumper coverage. Many owners opt for five to seven year warranty periods while buying a new car, which is automatically carried over to the next buyer at the time of purchase. Our dealership provides three months of extended warranty on all vehicles, along with onsite technical support for the future. The cost of repairing or replacing a spare part of these vehicles is comparatively lower than new ones as there is a big market for old parts which, is easily accessible, and at an affordable rate. The servicing rates and insurance policies on such vehicles are available at cheaper prices, as all these factors are calculated on the current market value of the car.


The used cars are almost immune to depreciation that is, the value of these cars won't change much over a period of time. The average drop in value of a used car ranges between 25 to 7% while that of a new car drops down about 40% in just two years. Thus buying a used car makes more sense and is a smart move as these cars are usually priced lower and come with all the modern features and high end technology found in new cars. The buyers can go for a premium vehicle like a BMW X3 instead of a Chevrolet Cruze, spending the same amount of money they would invest in buying a new car.

Financing benefits

The average loan interest rates for used cars is normally 3%-4% less as compared to buying a new car. The new programs allow the buyers to make flexible repayments, allowing them to choose a plan and investment suiting their financial conditions. All these financial solutions will help you to buy a car of your dreams at a highly affordable price.

Safety and Technology

When buying a used car, safety and technology are the two things which a buyer should always keep an eye on. We here at Suss Superstore, take utmost care to provide our customers with high end technology and all the modern features. Most of the cars in our inventory are tested for safety equipment and then are put on sale to ensure safety of our consumers. These cars come with central airbags, lane monitoring alerts, automatic collision detection system, traction control and on site customer support in case of any emergency. The wide variety of technological features include the automatic transmission, infotainment screen and automatic controls for windows and doors. The buyers can get all these premium benefits at the cost of a standard car. The best part of the whole process is, our after sales support, where we aim at rendering our best services even after you drive away with your car.

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