Best SUV Buying Guide Colorado Springs Pueblo

Best SUV Chevrolet Equinox Colorado Springs PuebloThe all new, car-based crossover has revolutionized the automobile industry as this new breed combines the pure luxury of a car with sheer truck like utility and power that Americans prefer. All the consumers who look for easily accessible cargo space along with extra room for several passengers, can now easily choose from a wide variety of SUVs available in the market. If you are planning to buy an SUV but are getting confused by all the options, then this guide will surely help you to choose the best car suitable for all your needs. 

SUV Defined for Colorado Springs and Pueblo:

 The crossover SUV market is the fastest growing segment in the industry, which caters all the needs like cargo room, third row seating and comfortable road trips. A typical family crossover comes with three row seating, four doors, four wheel drive, a powerful engine and decent fuel economy. All the traditional SUVs used to sit down on a single full frame body but with the latest technology and change in design, most of today's SUVs make use of uni-body construction to provide maximum comfort. 

SUV Segment Classification:Best SUV Suburan Colorado Springs Pueblo

If your needs are big, like your family, then you might need something that is 18.8 feet in length with up to 121.7 cubic feet cargo space, with the rear seats folded down. The new models like Chevrolet Suburban and Jeep Renegade perfectly match the definition of big family SUVs. These cars come with huge cabin space, decent third row spacing and a tremendous 9,000 pound towing capacity powered by four wheel drive. The next segment consists of compact SUVs which are suitable for medium sized families with 6-7 members. These consist of cars like Honda CRV, Nissan Rogue and Ford Escape. These are easy to drive on congested roads and combine the best of power and comfort. It is important to pick the right size while buying an SUV, and consider all the options, like, would it be suitable for your kids, would it be easy to drive on congested roads, and numerous other factors to enhance your driving experience.

Best SUV Nissan Pathfinder Colorado Springs PuebloDoes your SUV require Power or Fuel Economy?

While choosing the perfect SUV for your family, it is very important that you pay a lot of attention to power and fuel economy specs. The most common power options available in the market come in terms of eight cylinder, six cylinder and four cylinder engines. In top end models these are coupled with four wheel drive and an automatic transmission for comfort and better control. Some companies like Chevrolet, part of GM, have taken a step forward by introducing the all new hybrid, diesel, and fully electric options to increase the fuel economy without compromising on the power. If you are looking for something that is compact but still fully loaded with power then you can opt for a turbo charged four cylinder engine which will provide customers with best fuel economy in the given segment. Fuel economy in these engines could vary anywhere from 25 mpg to 30 mpg on highways. Apart from this downsizing of engines, many companies like Tesla are trying to bring the green engine technology which is mainly coupled with electric engines. These innovative technologies provide customers with pocket friendly options without very little compromise in power in terms of towing abilities of the car. So, if you are looking for something that is pocket friendly yet powerful, then four cylinder or the green technology is the way to go. 

Should You Buy New or Used SUV?

The downside of buying a new car, is the depreciation value of the vehicle within a year or two of purchasing. Keeping this in mind, going for a used car is considered to be an economical and more practical option. First of all, the customer would get the best deals in terms of insurance and extended warranties as there are many companies which provide special plans for used cars. The customers get to choose from a wide variety of vehicles as their choice is not limited by the price tag put up by the manufacturers on a certain range. Used cars are often put on sale after passing various safety and performance tests, which helps the buyer to validate the vehicle on a number of parameters. These cars are often well maintained by their old owners and keep their performance or fuel economy over a period of time. So, if you are looking to buy a high end SUV in Colorado Springs, at an affordable price, then you might as well consider going for a used car which will provide you with the best deals at an amazing price.

Safety and Technology Found in Today’s SUVs:Best SUV Nissan Juke Colorado Springs Pueblo

In today's automobile industry, safety is the topmost priority for any leading SUV manufacturer. There is a long list of driver assistance features which are provided in modern cars to avoid collisions and make the driving experience smooth. The new technologies like lane alert monitoring, collision alerts, blind curve navigation and parking assistance, help the drivers to gain better control over the vehicle. While buying the car of your dreams, it is highly important that you check the list of all built-in safety features offered along with basic safety measures like air bags and anti-lock braking systems. Like most other vehicles, today's top SUVs come loaded with high tech gadgets. All these cars feature high end navigation systems which can be paired with your android and apple smart phone, voice controlled music systems, one touch locking and blue tooth connectivity options. The advanced features include remote, keyless lock and unlock, satellite real time views, real time roadside assistance and automatic temperature controls.

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