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Auto Loan Overview 

Most people do not buy vehicles outright but they look for financing options. This means that they acquire a loan from one of the several lenders and pay back the loan over the agreed period of time. Financing is mainly available in two main forms, direct lending, and dealership financing. 

Direct lending

With direct lending consumers, obtain a loan from a bank, a credit union, or any other financier. The loan is usually granted over an agreed period of time and interest rates. Once a vehicle dealer and the buyer enter into a legal agreement to purchase the vehicle, the buyer will use the loan from the lender to pay for the purchase of the vehicle. The challenge is normally you are speaking to one lender and may not have the option to shop the rates with other financial institutions. 

Dealership financing 

This is one of the most common forms of vehicle financing. In this method, a dealership and a buyer enter into a contract. In this contract, the buyer agrees to pay in full the amount financed in addition to the finance charge that has been agree upon over a specific period of time. 

The dealership has a right to retain the contract. However, the dealership might also opt to a finance company, a bank, or a credit union. This assignee will service the account and collect payments.

The dealership financing option comes with the following:

- Multiple financing relationships: The relationship of the dealership with several finance companies means that they can offer buyers a wide range of financing options which helps to obtain the best rate possible that fits your financial situation. 

- Convenience: Vehicles and financing are available in one place for the buyer. 

- Special programs: Once in a while, dealerships may offer several incentives; some from the manufacturer and others from the finance companies at subsidized rates. 

Before entering into any vehicle financing or leasing contract, it is good to consider the federal laws that apply. There are several federal laws that regulate and authorize vehicle dealership leasing and financing. The Federal Trade Commission breaks down the differences in loans for customers and includes tips on how to make the best choice on the type of loan they should take. Customers should always research any big purchase they are about to make and Suss Superstore has shown that they take a pride in helping their customers find the best solution for their financial needs.

Determine Affordability 

Before entering into a leasing or financing arrangement, buyers should evaluate their level of income. They should determine whether sufficient income that can cover all their current monthly living expenditure. They should only finance a new purchase when their income level is enough to take on a new monthly plan. 

Consumers should come up with a monthly spending plan in order to come up with a sustainable payment plan. Buyers should only take additional debt when their income is more than their expenditure. 

This is not to imply that emergency saving should be stopped. Whether it is a leasing or a financing arrangement, a consumer should always make monthly savings to cater for emergencies or other personal commitments. Saving money for buying a vehicle or a trade-in option can reduce the amount needed for external financing. In some instances, the trade-in amount is enough to pay for the down payment. 

Leasing a vehicle 

For consumers considering leasing a vehicle, there are several considerations to make. For a lease, the monthly payments are considerably lower for the same vehicle than monthly finance payments. The main reason behind this is that the consumer is paying for the depreciation of the vehicle during the lease term, including fees, rent charge and taxes. 

When the lease expires, the vehicle should be returned, unless there are arrangements in the lease that allow purchasing the vehicle. With this, the consumer will have to agree terms and costs. To make sure the lease term is friendly, the consumer should consider the beginning, middle, and finality of the lease costs. 

The consumer should also consider different lease terms and offers, including mileage limits and the period that they intend to keep the vehicle. This will be enough to give the consumer a rough idea of how much it is going to cost and whether it is sustainable. 

Another consideration when it comes to leasing is mileage limit. Most leases are based on a specific number of miles that the consumer is allowed to drive. The consumer is at liberty to negotiate a higher mileage limit. This might in turn lead to a higher monthly payment. 

Suss Superstore Colorado Springs Auto Loans 

Suss Superstore has quick and no obligations financing form available to their customers here. Their easy pre-approval process will allow customers to see the maximum amount of a loan that they can receive from Suss Superstore. This process will also allow customers to immediately see their Automotive Credit Bureau score and Suss Superstore will help their customers to understand their credit score with a national comparison.

The pre-approval process which can be done through Suss Superstore’s online website does not require customers social security number so customers can be reassured that their most sensitive data will not be exposed through the internet. The only things Suss Superstore needs is the customer's name, their home address and their e-mail. Since Suss Superstore doesn’t use customer social security number this pre-approval process will not affect customer credit reports or their scores. Suss Superstore also guarantees that they will not share customer information with third-party clients without their customer's permission. 

Suss Superstore offers a wide variety of financing options after customers use the online pre-approval process. Suss Superstore’s dealership financing offers the convenience one stop shopping and multiple financing options all through the dealership so that their customers don’t have to shop around at banks on their own time. This in-house research will help costumes to make the best financial decision on what they realistically can afford as a monthly payment. Suss Superstore’s lack of hidden fees and surcharges will help their customers to make sound financial decisions even if they should choose to go with a direct lending loan from their personal bank or credit union. 

Regardless of what lending options the customer chooses to go with, Suss Superstore will help their customers to evaluate direct and dealership loans that are available to them. It is always important for new or experienced buyer’s to compare all loans that are available to them. A loan is a legal and binding contract that Suss Superstore wants to help their customers make a sound decision on so that they feel positive in their buying experience.

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